Flat Rate - Emergency Locksmith Pittsburgh

Locksmith needs are of different kinds. While some are sudden and accidental; there are situations and solutions that can take place in the due course of time. The Pittsburgh emergency locksmith is the specific service we offer our customers and patrons 24/7 all through the year.  We are particular about immediate assistance and mobile workshop assistance when you are stuck due to a misaligned lock or lost keys. Our locksmith service employs professional and licensed technicians and locksmiths. One of our objectives is to provide round the clock service and we do that with panache. In view of this, we have lined up an extensive manpower reserve. With a strong network of locksmiths, you’ll find them spring into the action during an emergency.

Your casualty is our commitment

We all realize that the emergency needs are not time specific. You may be in the middle of an unknown lane, driving your way back to the home. Suddenly, your car may come to a standstill because of a flat tire, or maybe you are stranded in the parking lot due to lost car keys. Other situations maybe lost home or office keys that will leave you stuck outside your locked home or office. In the case, we are there to help you tide over the existing urgency. Here are some reasons to work with our Pittsburgh emergency locksmith service:

- Fast and responsive

- Quick response within 15 to 20 minutes

- Doesn’t charge extra for rendering emergency service

- Analyzes the gravity of the situation and them provides quick solutions

- Offers case-specific solutions

The driving features 

Our vision and mission of the Pittsburgh emergency locksmith is to be there when you need us. So, whether you are driving during the wee hours of the morning or late in the night is not an issue with us. As long as you are within the service area, our emergency locksmith is not going to let you down. The mobile vans, in particular are supposed to look after the needs of the emergencies such as:

  • Stranded due to broken ignition key
  • Unable to enter the house due to loss, displacement of the lock
  • Unable to open the car gate
  • Lockouts
  • Lost keys or misplaced keys
  • Jammed locks


Summing it up

As said previously, our facility employs the service and support of knowledgeable technicians and security consultants. The Pittsburgh emergency locksmith doesn’t have a singular base of operation. Rather, we make it a point to make an even distribution of the manpower reserve, across the length and breadth of Pittsburgh. Here again, the objective is obvious and understandable.  That’s because we strive hard to ensure you of fast action plans, and results that are quick to follow. Some of the services we offer include:


  • Open stuck locks
  • Install new high security locks
  • Repair, install and replace old locks
  • High-security locks install
  • Break-in repairs
  • On-road assistance
  • Make new keys
  • Rekey ignition locks
  • Transponder keys replacement
  • Chip key reprogram

Although there are many locksmiths that offer 24/7 services but not all of them have the same level of service that you expect.  That is why you need to check the online reviews; see if it is accredited with Better Business Bureau, offers a full range of emergency services. It is good to see if the technicians and locksmiths are trained and licensed. We qualify on all of these points and that is why we are considered as the best service in the city. Thus, give us a call and talk with the experts now.