Flat Rate - Commercial Locksmith Pittsburgh

Residential and commercial security needs differ. Your home may or may not require the use and application of an access control. The latter becomes a necessity in commercial units. The facility may be big, or it may be just a small grocery store. Can you do without panic alarms and emergency exits? The answer is sure to be on the negative. Need for safety is innate, and with that in the mind, you will obviously ensure that your premise stays safe and sound from theft, burglary and other uncalled for encroachments. Since the commercial locksmith in Pittsburgh is there by your side, you have precious little to worry.

A note for the users 

It is necessary that you go through our prized list of customers. From there, you can get a perspective about our quality of service. For years together, we have been attending to the security needs of banks, financial organizations, offices, shops, cafeterias and small to midsized manufacturing units. It is necessary to study the customers’ checklist. In that way, you can get a hang of our ability and expertise, and if at all we have the infrastructure to serve as the commercial locksmith in Pittsburgh. It is not enough for us to say that the customers’ service matters the most. Rather, it is important to know what the existing customer base has to say about our power, performance, and professionalism.

Consultancy and customization

We have the depth, knowledge and experience to revamp the security system of your office/institute. As and when you need, you can book us up for advisory guidance. Our technicians and the security consultants can customize a plan that suits the needs of your situations. You are free to specify your budgetary priorities and we’ll work accordingly. Our staff and technicians at the commercial locksmith in Pittsburghh will guide you accordingly.

Requirements of commercial security

Our kitty of resources is sufficiently extensive, and as per your needs, we are there to provide you with the following security inputs:

  • Installation/repair of vaults, safes
  • Install/replace/repair of fire, smoke alarms( full/partial, as per your needs)
  • Install panic doors, peeping holes
  • Digitally locks
  • Access control system
  • Providing and installing file locks
  • Providing and installing cabinet locks

Repairing and maintaining

We are a Better Business Bureau accredited service that is licensed and insured, assuring you of our best services at all times. We have flexible working hours and are available 24/7 to serve your business security needs. Our vans are usually on the road and are equipped with all tools and equipment to ensure that we complete the job in the single visit. Additionally, we offer free estimates and have fixed cost services so you can be sure that there are no hidden charges or night fees.

Our facility has the mandatory backup of licensing. Hence, the commercial locksmith in Pittsburghh makes it a point to offer service guarantee. If you have an issue about the service, and you are within the period of guarantee we are there to offer cost-free repairs service. There are provisions for entering into contractual agreements, as well. Under such an event, you can be sure and certain that all your maintenance needs are going to get the befitting treatment. As per the contractual term, we will make sure to undertake regular checks on the security systems and locks. There are provisions for yearly and bi-yearly maintenance, and so you can select the term that fits your bills. Call us today to know more about the offered services.